When you choose to pre-order Mobicamp early, it means you are interested to purchase our products and obtain attractive rewards at the same time. But it also means you have taken a small leap of faith in choosing to back the Mobicamp team during our various upcoming build-up phases. Before we proceed with your order, we need you to be aware that you are not simply ordering a product like you would do on Amazon or Ebay.

Listed below are certain product/ payment disclaimers so that you fully understand what you are purchasing or pledging your support for. If you are not satisfied with any of the terms we have laid out, please feel free to exercise our 3-day (working) refund policy from the date of your order.

If you have not requested for a refund within 3 days (working) from the time of your order, it means that you have understood and accepted our list of disclaimers. And that you have given us the permission to process your order from hereon.

Please take a few minutes to read our list of disclaimers:

*I understand this transaction is not a purchase of a regular priced item, but the early purchase of a product still in development to be shipped at a later announced date

*I understand the risks that I have taken in pre-ordering the product early before full development (either stage 1, 2, 3, 4) in exchange for current or future rewards

*I understand your payment policy is in the form of 1st payment being an immediate upfront payment, and 2nd payment as a near future payment to complete my order

*I understand that my 1st payment is in the form of direct billing method and 2nd payment is in the form of escrow payment (fully refundable if I don't get my goods)

*I understand the nature of startup companies may sometimes miss projected milestone deadlines and my order can be subject to unavoidable product delivery delays

*I understand there is a possibility +-15% price variation till final launch price, and that my 2nd payment will be used to offset any differences to my first checkout total

*I understand I will be offered 3 working days to request a full refund for my 1st payment, and I agree not to make any more demands for refunds after this grace period

*I understand that after the 1st payment is made, I have a choice whether or not to proceed with the 2nd payment, without incurring any form of penalty

*I understand that if I do not proceed with the 2nd payment, my order will simply be cancelled, without incurring any form of penalty

*I understand that billable shipping charges will be published before 2nd payment is due, and I shall not request for refund even if I do not accept the shipping charges

*I understand that if after 3-day (working) refund grace period have passed I will waive my rights to conduct any type of credit card chargeback or seek legal action