Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you using rendered images?

Imagine a world where project creators can find it much easier to launch products into the market from nothing but an idea conception alone. Surely everyone’s heard about inspiring success stories stemmed from ad-hoc ideas scribbled onto ‘restaurant napkins’? Our website is a turbo-charged interpretation of those characteristic napkin sketches. In addition, we have also devised an ‘almost’ risk free strategy for those interested to back our project, and that could translate as a win-win for both the project creators and potential users. No doubt, your early participation and support is key to Mobicamp’s success. When that happens and as we progress along, take joy in seeing all our website rendered images being replaced with its real-ife product image equivalents.

What is Mobicamp's idea concept about?

Mobicamp offers semi-luxurious camper lifestyle for anyone who appreciates the outdoors by using something as simple and convenient as their daily commute (Suv) vehicles. In our world, ‘roughing it’ really is a thing of the past. Users may choose from a selection of highly configurable car camper models that allow them to travel light/ fast or ‘pimp out’ their rigs with complete set of modular camper add-ons. In short, Mobicamp provides all classes of Suv vehicles a standard ‘one size fits most‘ architecture to create the car camper of your dreams. You are not bound by a single type of car camping setup, but able to adopt various choices of possible configurations to suit your travel preferences. Plus with its sleek and modern appearance, you won’t feel like a homeless person when camping next to swanky teardrop trailers or ultra cool-looking roof tents.

What are the main benefits of Mobicamp?

To better understand the benefits of using Mobicamp, please visit our benefits section.

Who are the people behind Mobicamp?

The creators of the Mobicamp design are outdoor as well as small camper enthusiasts with some exciting ideas to share. Their mission is to spread the joy of upgraded, yet affordable car camping here in the US and to the world. Especially to countries where Rv’s or Rv campgrounds are still a relatively new concept.

What are Mobicamp's base dimensions?

The base unit size of a Lite or Premium Mobicamp unit is typically 37 inch wide and 28 inch depth. For Xlite, the size is slightly smaller. As for height, Mobicamp takes up a minimum 4.5 inch upwards. The above dimensions will generally fit most medium size Suv vehicles boot space and nicely between the wheel wells. For smaller vehicles, you may have to fold flat your back passenger seats to accommodate the fitting of your camper unit. Due to Mobicamp’s unique modular capabilities, the user is able to build extra camper add-ons upwards, forwards (toward’s driver seat) as well as sideways from a conservative base unit size of only 37″ x 28″. Please visit our component pages or explore our configurator page to see how this is accomplished. If your vehicle is a large type Suv with plenty of room to spare, we recommend you to order a Premium model with detachable roll out platform It is 100% mechanical assisted, and is capable of taking on extremely heavy loads with adjustable angle support legs to help increase its center of gravity.

Wouldn’t a car be too small to sleep in?

We understand some people may scoff at the idea of sleeping in what is perceived to be somewhat cramped quarters. But if you notice the trend over the years, who would have predicted that tiny teardrop trailers would have proven to be as popular as its full size Airstream counterparts? Or the spectacular rise of roof tent users in the country? As facilitated campgrounds get more crowded and expensive over peak summer, people are looking for ways to head out into the wilderness and camp wherever their vehicle takes them. Nothing does this better than your Suv (preferably with some form of 4wd capability for offroading). Mobicamp, first and foremost, offers you the choice to sleep in 100% secure mode with all doors shut. However, you can configure more spacious sleeping quarters if you travel in groups where there is safety in numbers. Proud to say, we are likely the first to dream up… what some might call a ‘mildly eccentric’ design… for the most spacious Suv camper sleeping quarters ever! Check out our Deluxe camper bedroom configuration and see what you think. Through Mobicamp, we hope to bring the ‘cool factor’ into a new age of car camping!

How do you compare with Diy Camper builds?

Mobicamp aims to overcome the limitations of current car camping methods. DIY: You can only build organized storage compartments under your sleeping platform. MOBICAMP: You can add modular camper modules below and above your folding bed. (Lite/ Premium model) DIY: Your sleeping headroom can be limited, more so if your oversized storage compartments underneath takes up a lot of vertical space. MOBICAMP: You can retain maximum sleeping headroom since most of your camper contents can slide out to the rear or detached away from vehicle, leaving you spacious sleeping quarters. DIY: You are limited to sleeping in car with all doors shut at all times. MOBICAMP: Our folding bed and canvas enclosure allows you the option to extend bedroom size to Superior or Deluxe. DIY: Permanent structure with back seats immobilized which means you cannot use your vehicle for common daily errands like picking up kids from school or visitors from airport. MOBICAMP: All models are compact, foldable and completely removable from vehicle when not in use. DIY: May require the removal of back passenger seats to build more storage compartments. MOBICAMP: Not necessary to remove back seats and allows you add modules (Lite/ Premium model) in any available idle space in vehicle.

What if I'm not a fan of car camping?

Mobicamp is not designed to substitute or replace your favorite form of camping, but rather to complement them. For example, if you are already using roof tents, but you lack an organized kitchen unit, you can incorporate our camp kitchen setup. Similarly, if you are extreme adventurer who prefer to sleep in ground tents, you can select our slide out cargo tray system for easy access to your heavy equipment. Or if you are already towing a caravan, you can outfit your Suv (tow vehicle) for those spontaneous moments when you wish to head out for a night or 2 into the wilderness, but still enjoy an equivalent level of comfort you’ve experienced in your usual campground. Having a Mobicamp unit in your vehicle makes a good backup for your existing favorite camp setup. Unexpected flash floods, ripped/ leaky tents, lightning storms, etc would have you gladly crawl back into the safety and security of your Mobicamp sleeping quarters!

Do you have a working prototype?

We’ve launched Mobicamp and our website during the pre-prototype phase (stage 1). At the time you are reading this, we may have progressed onto stage 2 or more (4 stages in total). Please join our mailing list to keep tabs of our progress. To find out more about the why and how of our strategy, please visit our contributions page which highlights our story.

Where and when will your prototype be developed?

Please join our mailing list to receive regular updates on our prototype development.

What are your various stages of ordering?

We have 4 stages of ordering. Each of the ordering stage 1, 2, 3 or 4 is a function of risk vs rewards as well as completion of progress milestones. Please view our respective camper model pages (Xlite, Lite, Premium) for more details.

Why do you have +- 15% price variation?

At the moment, we are still receiving quotes from various suppliers. Although we have an accurate enough estimates of the predicted prices based on our factory blueprints, prices can only be accurately verified upon building the final prototypes and selection of reliable suppliers or manufacturers. Therefore, we have to incorporate a slight degree of price cushioning in case of unforseen factors that may affect our final pricing. However, rest assured you will never have to pay more than the 15% increment since your purchase amount will be clearly logged in your order form at the time of your earlybird purchase. And it will be our obligation to fulfill your order at that stated price point for you. This same scenario goes the other way too, where you may end up paying 15% less than your order price if we are able to achieve more savings in the manufacturing process.

What happens if you don't complete this project?

When you choose to pre-order at any of the stages 1, 2, 3 or 4, (for Xlite, Lite or Premium models) you have essentially identified your own personal risk appetite. You would also have been informed of which milestones we have completed/ not yet completed at the time of your ordering. And we would have made you fully aware of the risk associated in pledging your support as an earlybird buyer. This way, instead of taking the easy route and trying to paint you a rosy picture of how great your investment would work out, we’d rather highlight to you the true reality of startup projects. For the many success stories you hear, there are also comparable situations (about 10% of the time) where projects could stall or fail for various reasons. Our advise is for you to carefully select the correct stage to pre-order that matches your risk appetite. And to only pledge total cash sums that you can afford and are comfortable with. On the other hand, as part of our guarantee, a sizable portion of your pledged amount will be held in escrow and refunded to you in the event you fail to receive your goods. The earlier the milestone stage, the larger amount that’s held in your escrow account to help mitigate your risks. Whichever stage your choose to pledge your support, we thank you for putting your faith in our team to make this venture work!

What is your refund policy?

We have 3- day refund policy after you checkout. When you checkout, we will email you your order summary as well as our Order/Product Disclaimer list. If you are still not satisfied with any of the terms laid out in our disclaimers, you can request a full refund within 3 working days. If you decide you want us to proceed with your order after 3 days, your funds will be funneled into existing company operations with the sole purpose of developing Mobicamp and fulfilling your order at the same time. And if you happen to request for a refund after this period, we shall no longer be in a position to honor it.

Can I cancel or forego my 2nd payment?

If you have made a 1st payment, but do not wish to follow through with a 2nd payment, you may cancel your order. But we will not be able to offer you a refund for your 1st payment, since it will be past our 3-day refund policy and your initial funds would have been long funneled into existing company operations.

What are the minor car modifications involved?

No car modifications are needed for Xlite model. The user simply need to plant the folding bed built-in legs onto the trunk floor carpet. For Lite and Premium models, if we assume these models are installed in Suv vehicle, there are certain fortifications that need to be done to the vehicle trunk floor. For 5-seater vehicles, the spare tire and spare tire well is usually hidden inside the vehicle trunk area. Your dealer or certified technicians will need to incorporate various anchor points or tie-downs around the perimeter of the spare tire well. They are needed in order for the Base Support Module to latch itself securely onto the metal trunk floor. The Base Support Module acts as the support backbone for all the other camper components. Bear in mind the user will always have access to the spare tire since the base support module can be unlatched from the anchor points and removed. In some cases, the user won’t even need to unlatch, as there will be enough room to retrieve the spare tire through the big opening of the Base Support module. A choice of Lite or Premium camper model would be possible here. For 7-seater vehicles, the spare tire is usually located outside at the rear of the vehicle. And it’s 3rd row passenger seats can usually fold flat. At this point, the user has to make a decision whether to keep or remove the 3rd row passenger seats. If they choose to keep the 3rd row seats, they would only be able to use a Lite camper model (lighter load). An additional but removable steel bracket base (with anchor points) would be need to be placed and fastened on top of the flat folded 3rd row seats. Once this bracket brace is in place, the Base Support Module can in turn be latched securely on top. If the user chooses to remove the 3rd row seats completely, they would be able to incorporate the anchor points directly on the solid trunk floor. A choice of Lite or Premium camper model will be possible here.

Tell me more about your roll out platform.

Our pending-pending detachable roll out platform uses a combination of automated rolling and sliding mechanisms to deploy the contents of your vehicle to the outside. It is currently used for our Mobicamp Premium camper model, but may have applications in other commercial industries such as mobile coffee stand, mini food truck, product display counter, service kiosks, etc. If you are interested in its potential applications, please contact us.

Can I order individual Mobicamp components?

At the moment, we are only offering purchase of Mobicamp products as a set i.e. Xlite, Lite of Premium models. Xlite model comes packaged with 3 sets of components, Lite model with 5 components and Premium model with 7 components. You might be able to purchase the components separately in the near future.

How soon can I order your camper add-ons?

We are currently only launching the base units of Xlite, Lite and Premium camper models. Any associated modular add-ons depicted in our images will be manufactured for sale in the near future. For the moment, you can build your own camper add-ons if you are handy enough, or contract a custom carpentry service.

How do I find my nearest dealer?

We are currently in talks with potential dealers around the country. Please visit our dealer page frequently to monitor for updates.

Can I make a contribution without ordering?

Yes  you can. If you feel it makes sense for you to reward creativity where its due and to help keep our dreams alive at the same time, please click to our make-a-contributions page.