Who We Are

Welcome to Mobicamp.net!

We are not your typical Kickstarter or Indiegogo gig. What we are, is an exciting outdoor startup with a unique approach that features our brand of innovative car camper design. With the debut of our new website, we now offer you the opportunity to book your favorite Mobicamp model during ANY of our oncoming stages of product development. You may pre-order your favorite Mobicamp unit even as early as the design/ concept or pre-prototype stage. For the earliest of earlybirds, this means you can be purchasing your Mobicamp unit close to manufacturer prices. You’ve taken that bold step to pledge your support at the time when it matters most and have taken some risk doing so. So why shouldn’t you be repaid in the form of generous marked-down prices when Mobicamp is finally ready as a show of our gratitude?

As part of our unique launch initiative with respect to Stage 1 development, all collective ‘booking fees’ or ‘pre-payments’ generated from customer pre-order checkouts will be primarily used to gauge accurate market demand for Mobicamp’s products. This is done by ensuring that our total collective funds generated meets our minimum set milestone goals. If our goals are not met, the funds will be fully refunded back to our customers. But if we exceed our goals, the funds will be used to contribute to the milestone activities of Stage 1 such as prototype development, etc. Therefore, you can balance your appetite for risk vs rewards by choosing to pre-order/ order at ANY of our milestone stages 1, 2, 3 or 4. The earlier you order, potentially the more significant your risk but exponentially greater your rewards. Whichever stage you choose to pre-order/ order, we make it our mission to keep you informed of our ongoing progress in an honest and transparent manner via regular subscription e-news or blog updates.

We want you to perceive our Mobicamp startup initiative as a sound investment for an outdoor product that you can truly enjoy using and a vision that you can believe in. If you feel that you can help us take a step closer to realize the goal of bringing Mobicamp to market and in record time, please make sure to book your favorite Mobicamp unit today!