Our Method


“Not having the privilege to be based here in the United States means that I won’t able establish face to face contact with potential users to gather useful feedback. Given my situation, the best way I can portray my designs to you is through rendered images and product slide shows which you will be seeing in this website. I look forward to replacing them with real life images in the oncoming months, once we have the opportunity to progress to the next stage of prototyping. Because of the uniqueness and intricacies of Mobicamp design, developing it into a full scale working prototype can be a challenging undertaking. So we are asking for your help to get things in motion by first putting your trust in my design. Do read on in the below section to see how we can make it almost risk free for you to support our inital efforts in bringing Mobicamp to life. And thank you again for visiting!”


“In this website, you will have a chance to get familiar with our recent mini camper invention. As of now, we are eager to begin the prototyping process with our factory blueprints almost ready. Our small but effective US based team is ready to spring into action at anytime. But because of distant locality of our lead designer and the adamant need for user validation, we have devised a new crowd sourcing strategy to simultaneously obtain some form of needed verification as well as seed support for our proposed camper concept.

First of all, we just want to highlight what sets us apart from other crowd sourcing websites. Campaigns in Kickstarter or Indiegogo usually involve a working prototype of some sort with captivating video introductions. However, we are still a step before that, and in what we call the idea concept stage, which is again the reason for the many rendered images in our website. So how on earth would one crowd source the necessary validation and supplementary financial support to build our prototypes? We’ll get to that later.

For now, our goal is simple. We would like to have the first batch of Mobicamp hardcore supporters to commit an initial minimum batch of pre-orders to prove to ourselves the vision we have in mind is in tune with our backers, and that the job we are about to undertake is worth the effort because there are enough of you out there wanting a Mobicamp. Not to mention the leverage we’d establish with the essential numbers of pre-orders received for our project, based on just a concept alone. We can build a first class team and obtain the lowest prices from manufacturers since we should be able to more than fulfill their minimum quantities by then.

In simple terms, more doors will open for us if we are able to establish a preliminary proven market for the Mobicamp. The sooner we achieve this goal, the sooner we can have the necessary means to get some solid work done… right now… for you! And because you are taking a small leap of faith with us during this crucial period, we are offering the maximum rewards (45% Stage 1 Pre-Order Discount) by means of deeply discounted or near factory prices.

Before that, we will explain a bit about our Mobicamp’s 4 stages of pre-ordering. Each stage reflects the risk vs rewards that our backers may offer to undertake. Stage 2 pre-ordering (30% Discount), is where the product prototypes are viewable, ready and tested. This stage is what we call the typical Kickstarter or Indiegogo type projects which most people are familiar with. Stage 3 and 4 will have the least rewards since Mobicamp is nearing its final product launch cycle.

Now back to Stage 1 or the idea concept stage pre-ordering. This is how it works. All we are asking you to do is to pledge a nominal amount (based on the 3 Mobicamp models) as an upfront pre-payment in exchange for an extra cum generous pre-order discount. It works just like any other investment vehicles, but with Mobicamp you a get minimum 4-6X your returns (in the form of savings) for being a Stage 1 participant. We hope to make it feasible for you to be a Stage 1 backer in the anticipation that Mobicamp becomes a commercial success. This Stage 1 funding method is what sets us apart from other crowdfunding methods.

The second and final payment will be due when there is proof of product i.e. prototype developed and tested. Along with a backers guarantee using escrow payment for all 2nd payments. However, if you are not comfortable with the uncertainties of being a Stage 1 backer, then you have the option to wait for stages 2, 3 or 4, where there is lesser risk but accompanied with lesser rewards.

Imagine yourself in our shoes, and you too had a light bulb moment one day. But without any form of validation, you are not in a position to risk a sizable portion of your cash savings to fund expensive prototypes and the miscellaneous expenses associated with it. Or the precious savings of your friends or family for that matter. Nor wanting handouts from Gofundme. And what about the time invested? But what if you had a core group of interested users willing to act as your shark-tankers? Who would each upfront you a small cash amount to help you along, in exchange for the mightiest rewards for your product. Would you consider this a win-win, and be all for it? We think so too.

To sum up, the biggest advantage with our so called ‘unconventional’ fund raising technique is that you don’t risk your whole amount. In Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaigns, 10% of folks lose their entire pledges for the full (discounted) price of the product due to the inherent nature of startups. Crying and screaming won’t really help. With us, and in reference to stage 1, you are risking only your 1st payment or those few percentage points (betweeen 2.5-3%) of your purchase price if things happen to go south. Bearing in mind too, that your 2nd payment will always be protected and held in escrow and refunded to you if you don’t get your goods.

So we urge you not to miss out on the thrill of being first movers and experiencing that feel good factor by helping to bring Mobicamp to market in record time. Roll the dice and take that chance to be our Stage 1 group of backers. We know, you may not know us enough about us to make a judgement. But we ask you to judge our integrity based on the years of hard work, as well as what we’d like to think of as innovative creations, that we have published on this website. And which can be clearly seen by all.

We want to know if Mobicamp can really play a positive part in your outdoor lifestyle. By your actions of pre-ordering, you will instill a great deal of confidence on our shoulders to allow us to steam roll ahead and truly make Mobicamp a great success!”